More Than a Million Bankruptcies Were Filed in the USA in 2009

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, only within the third quarter of 2009 the amount of bankruptcies increased considerably reaching the record level that had been set in 2005.

Representatives of the Institute confirm that more than 388 thousand applications were filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 within the last three months.

The alarming fact is that the amount of personal bankruptcies increased up to 373 thousand per quarter.

American Troops Will Leave Afghanistan by 2017

A White House representative reported on Wednesday that U.S. Army would not stay in Afghanistan for eighth more years. Meanwhile next week the U.S. President Barack Obama is going to explain to Americans why he intends to enlarge the U.S. military presence in that country.

After months of speculation and criticism from the Republican Party, which insisted that it was taking him too long to decide about his strategy in Afghanistan, Obama is now going to give a speech for the American people in which he will explain his new military strategy in Afghanistan.

It is quite unlikely that Obama is going to announce the time-frame within which the troops will be withdrawn out of the country. However, Robert Gibbs, who represents the White House, said: “We have been making efforts in Afghanistan for nine years now. And we are not going to spend eight or nine years more there. Our time there will be limited. So it is very important that people understand it.”

Obama Assured the Indian Prime Minister That He Strives for Strengthening Ties with India

The U.S. President Barack Obama informed Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister, about his desire to meet the obligations that would help strengthen ties with India. It happened on Tuesday just when his administration defined its competitors – China and Pakistan – as the main priorities of the U.S. foreign policy in Asia.

During the ceremony Obama told Mr. Singh that his visit confirmed the possibility to build a relationship between the U.S. and India which would be based on partnership.

During the negotiations in the White House the Indian government wants to receive clear evidence that Obama is going to develop and strengthen economic and diplomatic relations with India which deepened during the administration of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

While talking to Obama, Mr. Singh said that the American president is a source of inspiration for everyone who appreciates democratic values and equal rights.

The U.S.A. Extended Sanctions against Iran

BBC reported that the U.S.A. extended economic sanctions against Iran that had been established in 1979.

This is a technical decision which means that the U.S.A. President extends the operation of this document every year. However, this year the extension of the normative document has coincided with Teheran’s refusal to send its uranium for enrichment to Russia which the U.S. and a number of other countries insisted on.

The U.S. had imposed sanctions against Iran in November 14, 1979. It happened after Islamic Revolution in Iran and after U.S. Embassy officials were held hostage in Teheran. Back then 63 U.S. diplomats and 3 civilians were detained by the officials of the Islamic Republic. The American officials tried to solve the conflict by force and performed a military operation “Eagle Claw”. However, it was unsuccessful. The hostages were not released. Moreover, 8 American pilots died and 5 military helicopters were taken over by the Persians.

The hostages were released after the so-called Algerian Agreements were concluded between the U.S.A. and Iran through intermediary of Algerian government on January 19, 1981. They had spent 444 days in captivity.

The Agreements also set several fundamental principles of improving relations between the U.S.A. and Iran. In particular, the U.S.A. promised to not interfere in Iran’s internal affairs, to drop commercial sanctions, and to unfreeze its blocked bank accounts. Iran, in its turn, promised to pay off its foreign debt to the U.S.A.

However, Washington believes that Teheran does not carry out these agreements. Moreover, it develops a nuclear program that puts the whole world at risk. Diplomatic relations between Washington and Teheran have not been established yet. In addition to this, there are international sanctions against Iran.

Democrats Won the Sweeping Victory at the Election

The midterm congressional election in the U.S.A. led to a complete success of Democrats. They managed to not only control the House of Representatives and hold most governors’ offices in the country, but they also won in the fight for the Senate which they had hoped to win till the very last moment. And the first sensational news was announced literarily in an instant: resignation of Pentagon Chief, Donald Rumsfeld, which was announced by George Bush on Wednesday. Moreover, the President admitted Republicans’ defeat and assumed his responsibility for the party-fellows’ failure at the election.

Several hours before the polling stations were closed it was clear that the Democratic Party was taking over the House of Representatives in congress. Democrats managed to defeat Republicans in 15 key districts. However, distribution of mandates in the Senate was not clear till the last moment. A little reminder: in order to win the election Democrats needed to have 51 out of 100 seats, however, Republicans only needed 50 votes because they would automatically get the 101st vote of the U.S. Vice President – the chairman of the Upper Chamber. The situation was resolved after manual recounting of votes in Virginia where James Webb, Democratic candidate, defeated Republican George Allen by a little more than 7 thousand votes which is an insignificant number on the state’s scale. However, it was enough for the Democrats to win the election.

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The U.S.A. Department of State Has Made Public the Concept of American Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

The U.S.A. Department of State has published an e-zine called “U.S.A.: Foreign Policy in the 21st Century”. This e-zine with a foreword from the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, contains reviews written by Assistant Secretaries where they speak about the foreign policy of the United States in respective regions. Each article also gives their personal opinion about the region and describes how American “transformational diplomacy” will help international partners of the U.S. build and support democratic and effectively controlled governments.